First of all, do not worry. We try and send off your house details to the TV Licensing Authority as soon after you register as possible, and in most cases your licence is set up from your chosen start date.

Unfortunately, the TV Licensing Authority can be quite heavy handed with warning letters towards the start of the year, and tend to send them out in bulk to anybody they think might not have registered. This is especially the case with student properties, as there's a very high turnover of tenants around September, quite a few of whom may not have got around to getting a licence yet!

Unlike them, you have been smart and organised, and sorted everything out through Huru. Therefore if you are getting letters, try not to be angry, or concerned. In all likelihood it's just a case of them not yet updating their records, and sending out a warning letter prematurely. However if the letters do continue, or you are particularly concerned, please do get in touch as it may be that your house somehow slipped through the system. We are working with the TV Licensing Authority to improve the process and get licence certificates out to each any every house, so thank you for your patience!