Your first bill is based on the yearly industry average for a house of your size, which is then divided equally over the weeks of the year. This is also how we get your original quote on our website. This means that the first bill, and quote, is assuming that throughout the year you will use the same amount of each service per week, which in many cases is not accurate. It does however ensure that even if you never gave us a meter reading until the end, we would probably not be too far off the actual usage as it evens out over the course of the year. This is roughly how most energy companies work - using industry estimations until meter readings are provided.

Once we have meter readings and usage figures from your suppliers, we will alter the remaining bills accordingly. Therefore if you received an unusually high water bill for a period when you weren't even in the property, don't panic! As soon as we have figures from the water company we will simply lower your following bills to accommodate the difference in usage.

Your first bill is also affected by your various different service start dates, so in some cases is actually lower than the estimate. This ensures we never charge you for services that aren't set up, and if on your billing date you are still awaiting a service, this will be sent in a separate bill once it is all up and running. This can result in you receiving multiple bills in your first month, however once everything is set up for you, your services will all be billed together in one go, around the same date each month.