If you are continuing to receive water bills from your supplier, do not panic. The way we manage your water bills is simply by updating the billing address to our own, and then paying the bills for you as they arrive. The cost is then spread out over the year in monthly instalments, so that you never have to pay a giant lump sum all in one go. As a result, as soon as you sign up and your house details are sent off to the water company, you should stop receiving bills. If this is not the case, the most likely reason is simply that they have not yet updated your billing address. Water companies can be a bit slow in processing changeovers, and so in most cases you can simply ignore the bill, and once they have updated the address the bill will be sent to us, and we will pay it on your behalf. 

Another reason for receiving water bills may be that you have a final bill to pay off for the period before you joined Huru. If this is the case, it is generally best to give your supplier a call and pay for that period the old fashioned way, over the phone. Don't sign up for any Direct Debits or payment plans, as this may affect your switch over to Huru. Likewise if bills are in other people’s names then contact the supplier and let them know they have moved out!

If you are continuing to receive bills long after you've signed up and switched over to Huru, let us know as it may be a case of the water company not updating your account correctly. This is easily rectified by us, so simply give us a call on 02088199176 or drop us an email at support@gethuru.com, and we'll make sure everything's gone through correctly.