When you sign up to Huru, we submit your house address to our suppliers EDF Energy. They will then aim to get your house switched over as close as possible to your start date.

The fastest a house can be switched in the UK is 15 days (industry wide), though on average it is about 28 days. This is the reason why there's a 15 day delay on start dates when you sign up, as we seek to avoid any chance of over promising and under-delivering. During particularly busy periods energy companies may take between 6 - 8 weeks, however you don't need to worry about any additional charges, or getting your energy cut off. It simply means that there may be a small bill to pay to the suppliers already set up for the house. As soon as we have a date for your energy switch we will be in touch, and will use your switchover meter readings to ensure that you only pay us for the energy used with us.

We will send you an email close to your switch date with more useful information and some next steps for your energy.