Huru offers you a simple service that is free to use, gives you great value, and offers an easy way of managing household bills. Whether you're a single resident, family, or a shared household, simply sign up online, select the services you require, and enter in your household information. If you want to divide your bill with other tenants, they simply need to sign up online with the same house address and we'll automatically add them into your account. 

We set up all your utilities and services, and arrange any installations that may need to take place. This can take up to 28 days to implement, but may be sooner depending on your house. You can then send us meter readings so that we can make sure you are being charged the correct amount. Once all of your services are set up we'll send you your first bill a few days before your first payment is due to be taken.

Every month a Direct Debit will be taken from all registered household members. This will cover the entire next month’s bills, and will be taken on your chosen start date, and continued on the same date each month. You will receive a statement via email at least five days before you are charged, so you always know how much your bill is going to be. Huru is designed to provide you with the best value contracts for all your utility suppliers, and make bill payment as simple and transparent as possible.

So sit back, relax, and never worry about bill management again!