You may receive an energy bill from another supplier for three reasons:

1. The previous tenants didn't pay their final bill. In this instance, talk to your landlord or letting agent immediately. You can negate any responsibility and confusion by taking a meter reading on/soon after you move in.

2. If your Huru energy switchover date is after your tenancy start date. In this instance, your house will have gas and electricity supplied and available, and will simply be being supplied by an earlier provider, carried over from the previous tenants. Even if your house was empty, you will have an energy bill because gas and electricity have fixed daily rates which aren't to do with usage. These are often about 25p a day for each.

3. If there has been a delay in your energy switchover date. Similar to #2 you will have an existing supplier who will continue to supply you and send you a bill for the time period until your actual switch over occurs.

Previous suppliers will send a 'final bill' upon your switchover. Simply pay this off, and you're all good to go! Just don't set up any direct debits or payment plans, as this may alter the switch over process. We'll send you a reminder on the switch date and you'll simply need to take a meter reading on that day to tell us and your earlier supplier exactly where you stand.