This depends on whether your property contains a water meter or not. Although water companies do use meter readings, unfortunately only around 40% of properties are currently metered. This means that the remaining 60% rely purely on estimates, calculated according to the value of the house in 1990! As a result, and upon the advice of the water companies themselves, we use an estimate to calculate your monthly water charge. In the case of metered houses these are then backed up by annual and biannual meter readings, however we only ever charge you for the amount passed on to us by your water company.

If your property does not contain a water meter, your charge will be calculated based on a fixed rate regardless of your water usage. The amount is fixed to your property and you can change it by applying for a water meter from your water supplier. To find out what the fixed rate for your house is, you can contact the water company directly and they will be able to provide you with this information. Each area of the country has a dedicated fresh and waste water company that cannot be changed.