If you are receiving bills from old suppliers, you may have a final bill that needs paying. 

In the case of energy this is particularly likely if you moved into the property prior to your start date with Huru, or before your energy switch date. Check the dates for the payment period and if in doubt give them a call to clarify exactly what needs paying and when. Once you're switched over to EDF, our energy supplier, they will notify your current supplier who should send you an amended final bill.

If you're receiving water bills, then generally you needn't worry. It can take water companies some time to update billing addresses so in most cases you can simply ignore them. If you keep receiving water bills then give us a call on 02088199176, and we'll chase it up for you.

If bills are in other peoples' names, or are for a period before you moved in, then contact the supplier and let them know they have moved out!